About us

Blu Sign is the main point of reference for people that use sticker films for internal and external use, printed films, coloured films, films for visual communication, decoration, protection and  coating of surfaces; and for those who use print plotter .

Blu Sign was founded in 2003 with the intention of providing an adequate answer to changing graphic market needs. Attention to the quality and variety of materials has led the company to enlarge the range of products offered to its customers.


Currently is the official distributor of:


  • 3M Graphic Markets: For products for screen and digital printing, carving, visual communication and personalization and protection of vehicles.
  • 3M IATD: For stickers and industrial tapes.
  • Ritrama Viscom: For screen printing products in sheets and rolls, for double coated, for digital printing, for carving products, for visual communication, for Car Wrapping and vehicles protection.
  • Arlon: For screen printing and digital products, for carving, for visual communication and personalization and protection of cars and motorcycles.
  • Marabu: For digital solvent inks, digital inks, UV LED digital inks, water based inks, textile printing and liquid paint.


Blu Sign qualifies itself as a reseller of:


  • Mimaki: For solvent printing presses, UV, solvent and Enrich The offer Mimaki is enriched by Latex and SUV inks, and finally the solvent based inks.


Blu Sign boasts more than 600 qualified customers in the world of Visual communication and works in many regions due to the efficient customer service:


  • Guarantee toclose the orderin a short time
  • Technical consulting
  • Support in choosingthe most suitable materials for applications
  • Instructions forthe correct installation of the materials
  • Ink Exchange support


As the demand for indoor decoration is growing,in 2011 Blu Sign opens its luxurious Showroom in the heart of Milan,world-known city for its dedication to style.

The showroom becomes a source of inspiration for professionals in the field of furniture, design and renovation.

In the head office in Ozzero are also organized several theoretical and practical training courses accessible to everyone, with the help of experts in the field.

In 2016 is created an E-Commerce Portal where customers can purchase and view the desired products, thus achieving a coverage throughout the country.

Attention to  competence and professionalism makes Blu Sign a young, dynamic and innovative company. Marked to the future and ready to provide the most innovative solutions for emerging needs.

Our mission puts our customers first, with a constant challenge to find the most appropriate solutions, innovative and tailored to the most varied needs.

“We do not find customers for our products, we find the products for our customers!”




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